Soup on the Rocks

This is a real advertisement in Life from the July 14, 1972 issue. I thought it so funny, just had to share. I don’t think the drink idea caught on.

The print reads:

Campbell’s Beef Broth right out of the can and onto the ice. Take it straight or add a dash of Worcestershire or lemon peel for a kicky switch. Great way to cool off a hot day. It’s great for dieters, too. Only 16 calories a 5-ounce serving. Don’t even wait for a real hot day; start pouring now. Cheers!

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Quest for the Perfect Bag

Restlessness has set in. My bag is no longer functioning to my standards. I am once again on the quest.

My criteria for the perfect bag:

  • room for a couple books and my cigar box of art supplies
  • hands free carrying
  • pockets for stashing odds and ends
  • cell phone pocket
  • easy access into the bag for my wallet, etc.
  • no spillage
  • easy access for my keys

Currently I’m using this messenger bag  which has worked great and was the right price, but lately all my stuff falls out when I set it down. That’s no good.

Prior to that I used this style back pack. Mine is a softer orange with olive trim . My only complaint is that every time I needed to reach my wallet, I had to swing the backpack off my back. With a heavy coat on in the winter, a backpack can become cumbersome.

Isn’t this just fun? The Artist Canvas Messenger Bag  from Timbuk2 ready for paint. It is only available in size Medium, and I’d really love a small. The price is quite a jump from my cheap messenger bag, but my husband has had one of these bags for almost a decade and it is still in great shape. Would I really want the same bag for a decade?

Ooo, I just found a gooder Keen Cornellmade of repurposed rice paper, recycled aluminum and rubber made by Keen. Just had to add it to the mix.

I’m up for suggestions.

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Calling All Girls

My husband’s grandma had this magazine in a chest full of many treasures, September 1948 issue. I’m not sure which is more entertaining, the articles or the ads.

And just in case you were curious, boys generally don’t like to go dutch.

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Unloading the giant

The van was filled. The van was driven to the thrift shop. The van was emptied.

Day 2: My son is still loving his clean room, and it IS still clean.

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Purge Stuff

My son’s room was out of control. He was losing clothes, toys, papers. He was having great difficulty putting things away, not because he didn’t make an effort, but because he was up against a giant. The giant’s name was Stuff. We’ve dealt with this giant repeatedly in the past. He has been a source of my frustration many a day. We usually would tuck this giant so he fit neatly into the room.

Yesterday we took on the giant to completely rid ourselves of him. We started in the morning and finished at bedtime. To begin, we pulled everything out of the closet.

This picture is out of focus, but for perspective, can you see me in the closet behind the pile? That is how huge the mess is.

And his shelves were no different.

We slew the giant and hauled out a full large trash bag along with much to give away. Here is some of the give-away pile:

His room is not large, so I was shocked by just how much had been crammed into this room.
His closet now:

And his shelves:

And my son’s disposition is one of delight. He feels free of a burden, and I think he will be able to succeed in keeping his room clean now. The giant is gone.

This giant was created from emotional attachment to Stuff. My extremely tender-hearted son had a memory to go with every object in his room. He was holding onto the things because of these memories, not because he currently used or enjoyed many of these things. This is a step of faith for him as he let go of so much. The only things remaining are things that he is actively using. He feels very good letting go of Stuff and is beginning to realize the memories may be triggered by Stuff, but Stuff can be a hindrance to glorifying God. It certainly was causing him to be disobedient daily as he tried to keep his room tidy with no success. My job now is to encourage him to not let Stuff back in his room.

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New school cabinet

We have just begun week 2 of school and our school room cabinet has already changed. My husband just brought this hoosier cabinet back from his parents’ home. Isn’t it beautiful?

His parents have so generously given us piece after piece of heirloom furniture. They are all so beautiful and I love to hear the stories that go with each piece. As we pass them on to our children and grandchildren, I want them to know the history, to know the names and faces of their family.

We do have a rule in our home. If something new comes into our home, there must be a place for it. If it has no place, something else must go out for it to fit. Since helping to clean the cabin and celebrating my son’s birthday, we have been negligent to follow our own rule. It is time to purge. We had no choice but to rearrange to get the hoosier cabinet to fit.

The other school cabinet is now in my sewing room. The shelving unit that was in the sewing room is going to a dear friends’ home. She mentioned that she would like to move her husband’s treasured books out of boxes and onto shelves. All she was lacking were the shelves. She had no idea we had just moved shelves to our front porch the evening before. God has perfect timing.

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On my latest hymnal page, pulling weeds was the theme. The header reads “Though my weeds be large, yet will I praise my God.” The large weeds are a metaphor for all those nasty things in our lives that we would rather pull. While my life is extraordinarily rich and dreamy at this moment, there are always habits, decisions, relationships that I could weed. My garden is in constant need of grooming.

It is interesting how weeds have become a theme in my life. As a child, my job was to pull the weeds in our lawn. Mind you, we had fescue grass growing in western Kansas. I worked for hours pulling weeds, all the while pretending not to enjoy the work. That same lawn that I once tediously groomed is now thriving buffalo grass which is natural to the area. My parents made a wise choice to let what naturally spreads in that region to become their lawn grass. I still find myself pulling a weed or two when I visit though.

Although my yard is a poor reflection of my enjoyment of pulling weeds, it does not reduce the pleasure I receive from pulling, feeling the earth ground into my bare hands, feeling the stiffness in my slightly arthritic hands as they are forced to grip something small and strong, feeling the resistance of the roots as I pull. Perhaps it is nostalgia that carries me along. Perhaps the textures and smells draw me back. Perhaps an inherent love of the earth has been programmed into my brain by my very creative God.

Whatever it is, thank you, Lord.

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