Adventure lies ahead

amsterdam Or rather, the adventure is laying out now. As I prepare for the Amsterdam Discovery trip, I am already amazed at the growth and stretching that is taking place in my own life.

In celebration, Wendy’s trip costs have been covered by donations, plus she will have just enough extra money to cover the meals and expenses not included in the trip cost.

For my own fundraising, I have been holding classes in my home. So far I’ve taught several soldering classes, and a visual journaling class. I have a couple more classes lined up for the month of October. I’m also selling an Amsterdam soldered pendant from my Etsy shop. Amsterdam Pendant

While all of this is helping to pay for the trip, I’ll be working into 2010 to fully recover the costs.

Here’s what I’m discovering:

  • I love to teach
  • I love to prepare classes
  • I love to get others excited about creativity and expression
  • I am inspired by the uniqueness of each students work
  • I love the relationships that are developing from these classes
  • I feel that I am being prepared for something else
  • I don’t enjoy marketing myself
  • I don’t like collecting money
  • I have a greater respect for all teachers that are prepared and thoughtful about the classes they teach and the time invested to bring the classes together

All in all, I have learned so much by holding the classes, and the experience has affected the vision and goals for my future. Exciting times!

Soldered Jewelry Classes:

Visual Manifesto Journal Classes:

amanda ∞


7 Responses

  1. What wonderful things to learn about yourself. πŸ™‚ Loving the class photos and that you are so generous with your talents. Only wish that I was closer.

  2. Oh there I am with a mask. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t done too much more work on my journal, but I love just picking it up and looking at what I accomplished on Saturday.

    Thank you for teaching!

  3. looks like fun to me.

  4. Amanda… you are growing by leaps and bounds as an artist and an individual. I love the title of the book in the last photo. Who knew indeed?

  5. This is wonderful, Amanda!! I absolutely LOVE teaching art and am excited for your adventure in to the same. There is much good to come from sharing your craft, love and life with others!! Yay!!! Happy for you. πŸ˜‰


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