Art Journal Morphing

First Fridays at VERONICA’s Voice are so much fun. The art journaling class has morphed into a general art class due to necessity. I found it difficult to explore new art journaling techniques when so many times the women in class did not have their journals or had not begun one yet. Many times the class was about making a new journal or altered book which did not develop past the cover. There were a faithful few who brought their altered books to add more to their pages, but overall I began to lose enthusiasm. So today we tried something new.

The assignment was to choose an image from a magazine, any image that spoke to them, and glue it on a piece of cardstock. After adding a bit of gesso, I had them add words, words about their day, their feelings, or why this image spoke to them. Then the layers with creamy Portfolio pastels were added. Some were very satisfied at that point while others journeyed on with layers of paints. My favorite part was listening to the stories behind the finished collages. One spoke of her mother, another of her new life, another of her freedom, beautiful stories, eyes lit up with sharing.

So my sweet artist friends, if you have ideas to share for this art class, please leave comments. I need projects that will work as a one-time class with limited supplies, since the audience is different from month to month. Have you experienced a project or taught a class that would work well in this setting? Art = community.

amanda ∞


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  1. Hi Amanda-
    I wonder how it would be to challenge the ladies at VV to draw a mandala using their non-dominant hand?!?!
    For a word-smith like me, this has always proven to bring out some really deep emotions. I bet you could find a way to then help them embellish the resultant mandala in a bonding of both halves to strengthen the whole.

  2. Would it be possible to explore different techniques just not in a journal? How about using a uniform size for all projects so that they could eventually be bound? Or set a maximum size and have works be that size or smaller.

  3. Hi Amanda

    You could do the little houses(i could sent you one) with any package of cereal you can reproduce as many as you want(so not expensive) and then everyone with different papers just glue them on the little house. add photos, words, sentences…..
    the idea would be what do i want in my house, in my life? my mother do it in her self esteem workshop. very positive
    don’t know if i was clear?
    best to you

  4. Ooo, yes. Keep the ideas coming. You’re making my mind springboard to so many fun places.

  5. I have a few ideas for you. I did some art therapy projects with the women in China who were rescued from sex trafficing. I’ll email them to you.

  6. what a beautifl work!

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