Symbols Shaping Space done!

Artfest was over 2 months ago. I am still finishing up details and adding thoughts to my Artfest journal. Yesterday I was thrilled to have completed the mobile from Katie Kendrick‘s class: Symbols Shaping Space

This was my absolute favorite class. Katie is an intuitive artist, so as she taught, she drew out creativity in each of us. To begin the class, she broke our minds free with some non-dominant hand exercises which were incorporated into the final piece. I learned so much and was overflowing with emotion.

I hung my mobile from a piece of an antique rocking chair seat. The shape of this wood just called to me.

The mobile is covered with thoughts and remembrances of childhood, from the pieces of my favorite childhood book, The Owl and the Pussycat, to the antique barrettes that were my mother’s.

I was hoping to share with you a song, Beautiful Pea Green Boat by Laurie Anderson, but sadly cannot find it. For those of you who have the Bright Red album from 1994, go back and take a listen. It’s delightful.

amanda ∞


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  1. Wow! Amanda, it’s so beautiful! After I saw what you all had created, I wished I had taken this class too. I think Artfest needs to be a day or two longer so I can take all of the classes I want!

  2. hi amanda! this turned out SO beautifully, what a treasure hanging there! i’m glad you explained the a bit about it – all those treasured mementos incorporporated into it for you to appreciate each time you see them. you were a joy to have in class, your energy was bubbling with enthusiasm.

    the name of the song you asked about is called “Don’t You Make Me High” sung by Blue Lu Barker. Glad you enjoyed the music 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda: I love your blog, your art and your energy. I came by way of Katie Kendrick’s blog and just had to leave you a comment to say “hi” and I’ll be stopping by again !! : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  4. Wonderful mobile! I know how much work it was since I was there! Lovely to see it finished up, and love especially to see the rocking chair seat.
    I also remember a song, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

    • Thanks, Jill. I really enjoyed sitting so close to you. You had such focus and I loved the doors on your mobile. I found myself singing Perhaps just yesterday. 🙂 Love that one. And I’ll be watching for the Somerset issue you are featured in!

      amanda jolley

  5. it’s BEAUTIFUL. I too love Katie your work is stunning LOVE LOVE LOVE IT…Do you think i could make one even if i haven’t done her class yet?as Nikki uses to say it’s so organic!!!! xo

  6. so ive been trying to comment on the awsome mobile! i hope this goes through this time….
    I LOVE IT! it’s so beautiful….. very nicely done!

  7. Wonderful piece – I’m so happy to see how it turned out! Your blog is inspiring, filled with heart and soul.
    : ) artfest roomie, lulu

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