Myopic View

I’ve decided that myopic persons named the constellations. Last night as I lay under a blanket of stars, I viewed the vast night sky through my severely nearsighted eyes. The bright stars were round gold buttons, the dim stars swallowed by the black. The patterns of the constellations distinctly appeared, danced, and told me their ancient stories.

Things I learned about nature:

  • Dew forms early in the night and quickly soaks into nice soft blankets that are not in tents.
  • Fireflies are surreal when spread across an entire pasture.
  • Lightning is swift, dangerous, bold and entrancing.
  • Rain is refreshing, and tents are essential.
  • The tiniest of frogs can sing their beautiful songs all night.
  • A search for treasure in nature gives a bountiful harvest.

I awoke this morning to find my daughter settled quietly on this little island.

She had found a treasure of her own.

The mother didn’t mind her presence as long as she stayed back.

And when the mother felt threatened, the father came to the rescue.

amanda ∞


7 Responses

  1. Wow..what beautiful pictures and great observations.

  2. I love fireflies! And, I can’t believe that goose let you get that close to its young ones.

  3. I LOVE these baby duckies. Gorgeous gift.

  4. sounds like a lovely night.
    Just last night I was wondering how people picked out the constellations. I can make “pictures” out of clouds, but most of the constellations elude me. Thanks for sharing your “trick”. 😉
    Those tiny frogs are NOISY! There is standing water in the field behind our home where the frogs sing joyfully & loudly all night long.

  5. i loved everything about this post. i want to go camping really bad. it is a special time when you get to do stuff like this.
    sending you love, nita

  6. Nature can be terrible but so comforting and fulfilling. I’ m touched beautiful fotos. miss you best alex

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