Have spray paint, will travel

One thing I have learned on this creative journey is to take advantage of each available moment. I’m becoming even more creative with time management. Do you suppose it will become a right brain activity at some point?

Tuesday is baseball practice day for my son. It takes 20 minutes to get there and practice is for an hour and a half. I could go home during that time, but would lose 40 minutes to driving time not to mention the extra expense and waste of gasoline.

So today I packed up my spray paint and stencils and set up a spray paint station in the large parking lot by the ball fields.

Despite the wind, I still had fun experimenting, trying color combos, different techniques on odds of cardboard and paper.

My next step is to take the paper and play with it in my art studio, adding paint, imagery, and words. Fun!

amanda ∞


6 Responses

  1. Hey Amanda,

    Can’t wait to see how these end up…please post follow ups if you can!

  2. isn’t this just way too fun? i love spraypainting!

  3. You’re much more brave than I am. I’m always afraid to take any art thing with me.

  4. it s seems so fun and they look nice. I know the feeling not wanting to loose time…great ideas best alex

  5. I LOVE spray paint. It’s my answer to many decorating dillemas.

  6. I wonder if by reading your blog some of your creativity will wear off on to me. I love these papers!

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