Pure Experimentation

Mary Ann Moss is offering an online stencilry class over at Dispatch from LA. There is still time to register folks! The class officially began a week ago Friday, but the nice thing about an online class is the flexibility in timing. I just finally got to the assignment from last week today. No sweat, no pressure, and I had so much fun!

Check out the portfolio covers I made this evening:

They are made from scraps of cardboard. I love that! After they are completely dry, I’ll bind them with gaffer tape. I think red or black will be nice.

But before I had so much fun, I was a good, responsible wife and mommy. Accomplishments for the day include actually going to the grocery store (first time this month),  laundry, homeschool administrative duties, and a wee bit of Latin. The kids tried to trick me into being a teacher, but I wasn’t fooled by their clever rouse. I said NO. Teachers need a day off here and there or they tend to get grouchy.

amanda ∞


6 Responses

  1. i loooooooove your covers! awsome job! are you having fun? 🙂

  2. Amanda,
    these are really nice! I’d love to try some of these techniques, but my plate is full these days.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you do.

  3. Wow!!!! nice work..

    • Thanks! It is so fun too. I look at the whole world differently thinking, “oh that would make a great stencil.”

      amanda jolley

  4. Hello dear friend. Lovely art work. How are you doing? I am also finding my way back to art these days. Take care and regards to your family. Happy Mother’s Day to you. God bless.
    Ai Boon

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