Scrabble face

If you can’t laugh at yourself…

amanda ∞


6 Responses

  1. I haven’t played Scrabble in years!

    One time I was playing with my ex-husband and spelled the word, “I-I-I-I.” He didn’t buy it. I insisted it was a word. Define it…

    “Aye, yii, yii, yiiii, I am dee Frito Bandito. I love Frito’s Corn Chips, I love dem I do…”

    I only had vowels in my hand. 😦

    I didn’t get any points.

  2. haha… love it amanda! i love playing that game with kids to get them thinking about spelling

  3. Boy…I sure hope no one’s taking pictures of my Scrabble face! Cause it ain’t pretty!

  4. Laughing at one’s self is always therapeutic. Great sequence.

    Thank you for your kind words the other day. It was most meaningful.

  5. For some reason this is my favorite thing EVER. I would love to see some kind of sequential framing like this as home decor~it’s great! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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