The longer I live, the more I believe we are all connected in some cosmic way. Over a year ago I posted about a 1948 Calling All Girls magazine found in my grandmother-in-law’s attic. And last month I received an email from the daughter of the cover model of that same magazine! I feel I was meant to find and post about it so that the magazine could find its way home.

Seems the charming girl on the cover was stopped while walking down the street in New York and asked if she were interested in modeling. That’s how her modeling career began. Do things like that happen anymore?

I was so fortunate to be able to make charms with the magazine cover and another picture of her from the magazine for the daughter and her two sisters.

I love making things with a story attached. The project just comes alive. How precious are objects that invoke memories of people and stories, that speak of something deeper than the objects themselves. I am thrilled to have been touched by this story.

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. Dare I say charming? You are going to bless the socks off that family!

  2. WOW! Six degrees of separation..for real! But more like one degree. Cool story.

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