Artfest caused yet another shift within me. Surrounded by such beauty and so many others who think in ways similar to me, I felt that if I did have a place I fit on this earth, I had found it. I have never felt more comfortable around so many people I’d just met. Just being around so many other creative minds gave me such confidence in my own path. I envisioned and set goals, became more firmly established, found more of my self.

Now I am back to my “normal” life. Taxes and traveling over the weekend have caused me to push into high gear to get several much needed projects done while still maintaining the balance with homeschooling and my husband’s business. I feel a mellowness setting in where there once would have been stress. My dreams and goals are pushing me past this time of “catch up” to that of grand plans in my art studio.

I will share more fully over the months about specifics, the classes I took, the exciting things I learned. Until then enjoy some of my Artfest Art Journal filled with treasures from other artists and the outpouring of my thoughts.

amanda ∞


12 Responses

  1. I do like your work very much, thank you for sharing.

  2. beautiful pages amanda…
    love nita

  3. Amanda,

    I love your art. I have told you that before. But, I also am blessed by watching you grow — you have been finding the path God designed you to walk in, getting comfortable with the fact that it is uniquely yours and unapologetically letting the world know your creative self.

    It seems Artfest gave you a real spiritual and creative boost.

  4. oh AMANDA!! i love your journal pages… i’m so so HAPPY you had such a wonderfull experience at ARTFEST!! i think i need an experience like that in my life… RIGHT NOW! anyways… i do love your art, and i agree with acceptance-with-joy about the your growth in your artistic endeavors. your so talented.
    also i wanted to say you won my little birthday cupcake and i will send it you tommorrow!
    have a loverly day!

  5. Amanda,

    I, too, had never felt more comfortable around people I had never met before. I kind of felt like I had finally come home and everyone understood what I meant when I talked about my art journal and I loved that so many people knew what gel medium was. I’m glad, too, that I met so many wonderful new friends, like yourself!

    And thanks for including my little stamped octopus tag in your journal! Seeing it made my day!

  6. Lovely journal and so glad that Artfest helped to confirm some things for you. Looking forward to more….

  7. Hi Amanda the art journal pages. Looks like ArtFest really impacted you. I borrowed your tribe quote for one of my blog posts. Had never heard it before and LOVED it.

  8. Love that you incorporated your trades on your pages! I have been just sitting since Artfest, trying to get things together in my mind still but this is one idea I had too! Don’t you love it?

  9. Your work is very inspirational1

  10. This is truly a great post. Thank you so much for sharing. What a great thing to be able to experience these kinds of things in our lives. thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Tyler. I checked out your blog and it looks like you have your own awesome journey of life going on. Keep on.


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