No school? Think again.

This week our homeschool is closed, no math, no Latin, no writing assignments, no school at all. I leave my students and the principal as I set off for Artfest early Wednesday morning. But I had to chuckle about the excitement my students were displaying about having no school this week while set about their chosen activities for the day.

Here’s what my students accomplished on this “day off”:

  • Week’s menu was planned, using new recipes and working around the parameters of our grocery budget
  • Grocery list was made
  • Piano was played
  • Laundry was sorted, washed, and dried
  • Neighbors yard had hours worth of bulbs planted
  • Comic book was outlined and sketch begun
  • Gonache was prepared, will be ready to eat tomorrow
  • Jungle Pilot was read
  • Fast ball was polished

And this is Monday. I think they will have as much fun as me this week. My daughter has decided to prepare all the meals for the week, except for the gonache which my chocolate loving son just had to make. I can’t wait to hear the stories of their week when I return home.

amanda ∞


3 Responses

  1. Amanda, Have fun at Artfest!

    I think our children could learn as unschoolers if we could unlearn what “school” was. It is really hard getting rid of paradigms though.

    Added Jungle Pilot to my reading wish list on Shelfari ~

  2. Have fun at Artfest!!!

    My kids are excited about our “spring break” this week because mommy is painting their rooms. πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to hear all about Artfest, take care!!

  3. I love it when they plan their own projects. It is amazing all they do and learn.

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