Art Journal Class

Today I was teacher to a group of women that have much to express. I had the opportunity to lead an art journaling class at VERONICA’s Voice. The enthusiasm was contagious as they set to work on their journals, personalizing and claiming them as their own private place for self expression. Profound and deep thoughts, meaningful sentiments, statements of self were made. It was all beautiful. The tables were strewn with art supplies. Joyous chaos. And the most exciting part is that they all loved it so much they want to work on their journals every Friday afternoon.

I am so thankful for those that chipped in and made it possible to supply the journals. The goal to raise money was met and then I found such a great deal on the journals bought in bulk at Dick Blick that I was able to purchase some other extra art supplies that really put the class over the edge.

I took pictures, but forgot to get permission to post them on my blog, so just imagine very happy faces laughing and sharing, and some very messy tables.

amanda ∞


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  1. Amanda, I knew this would be a hit… it is always amazing when someone discovers their voice and learns that they are creative! I bet you are an awesome teacher.

  2. Glad that it was a great day and that the women are finding ways to express the thoughts that lay deep within…may your and their creativity be greatly enriched by this experience.

  3. Amanda, I would like to invite you to consider contributing to issue 4 of my zine, A Handmade Life. The theme of this issue is collaboration and community, and what better community is there than a wild gang of art journal artists?

    Please take a peek at my blog for more information. We would love to have you!

    Thanks a million, Robin.

  4. What a beautiful word picture you created for us, Amanda. I’m so happy to hear how well they responded!! And I feel grateful that I could be a small part of it. You’ve played a huge part in their healing through art. –lisa

  5. ok did i miss this? i think i did… that is so awsome that you got to do somthing for those ladies. i’m sorry i missed it. everyone needs a little art in their lives

  6. What a wonderful thing you did! I used to work at a battered women’s shelter — long before I discovered my artistic self — and I know that would have been a hit with the women I knew. Keep up the good work!

  7. […] Posted on September 4, 2009 by amanda First Fridays at VERONICA’s Voice are so much fun. The art journaling class has morphed into a general art class due to necessity. I found it difficult to explore new art […]

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