Ringing in the New Year

I’ve really enjoyed this break from school and have spent much time in my art studio working on surprises for those who Chipped In. I’ll be sure to post photos after the recipients have received them. ‘Twill be just a bit longer as I finish up the details.

I’m so thrilled to report that the fundraising goal has been met. I have the journals and am doing last minute preparations for the art journal class I’ll be teaching next Friday. So exciting.

My soldering iron has been hot and busy as I’ve also spent time replenishing my etsy shop. Here’s a peak what I’ve been up to:

And since I’m never quite sure when my next post will be, I want to wish you all a contemplative and purposeful 2009. Happiness will be sure to follow.

amanda ∞


11 Responses

  1. Amanda,

    I am so excited about the class you are teaching at Veronica’s Voice. It is never easy to live in the shadow — how cool that you are giving these women a voice!

    Marissa loved, loved, loved your music rings.

    Finally, I hope you have a wonderful New Year too.

  2. Found you at CED – Sounds like a wonderful cause and a class that wil help those women process their emotions. Inspiring!

  3. What an interesting title for your post! Those are exquisite rings! Thanks for all the inspirations in the past year. Wish you and yours a wonderful 2009!

  4. love the ring! happy new years eve..
    xoxo nita ❤

  5. Cute ring!!

  6. and to you friend too.

  7. Cool rings!! Being a country girl at heart, I found the story about the baby squirrel very touching. I hope you have a prosperous and creative new year! (My blog is a WordPress too).

  8. Wow. Very, very cool. I do love Etsy …

  9. These are wonderful, whimsical and poetic:)

  10. I SAW these on Etsy! So cute!

  11. Amanda-You are so kind! Yes, with the exception of the last photo (which I linked to) they are my photos. I’m such a beginner, so your comments really perked me up today! It’s a fun hobby.

    Have a lovely day!

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