My mom recently gave me a treasure box. The contents are full of china painting accessories that were used by my great-grandmother.

plus some old photos of friends unkown.

I love treasure, glimpses of my family past. I knew my great-grandmother, but she was very old to me. She had braces on her legs and used a walker. Now I can know her more intimately. She painted many china pieces which her granddaughters still have. I can touch the patterns she used, envisioning the finished work, and soak in the beauty of this piece of her life. And I can begin to incorporate my great-grandmother into my own artwork. Her life continues, a ripple, an echo.

amanda ∞


4 Responses

  1. How interesting and cool that you have something tangible to remember her by. I love the way you write, Amanda. It’s so poetic.

  2. ooo amanda, this is just awsome.
    my grandmother raised my siblings and i, and she was also an artist. she did tole painting, and oil paintings. i inherited a few of her paintings when she died, and i will cherish them always.

  3. how did you learn to take such great pictures? I swear, you are the full package…

    My response:
    Silly man, I learned it from you!

  4. Wow – what an amazing treasure!!! I am the one in my family that loves to get my hands on these kinds of family treasures… you are very lucky! Now we need to see images of your g-grandmother’s art 🙂

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