Artfest seems so far away. I am very ready to take classes, to learn, to be challenged. Until Artfest, I’m sure I’ll have Sea Monsters (this year’s theme) on the brain. Although I am very happy with the octopus I drew because I actually drew it, I am also not satisfied, knowing that if I was armed with more knowledge and experience, it could look so much better.

This school year has been particularly time consuming as I’m teaching my daughter her final year of Latin. This means I must learn it first. While I absolutely love this, I am looking forward to summer and the next school year. I am hoping to try some art classes to be challenged and learning continually.

I have loved this journey of creativity. To date I have been self taught with all my art, learning new techniques mostly from other blogs and from books. But I am very ready and eager for more. I am hungry.

amanda ∞


5 Responses

  1. Wow, self taught…I’m more self stumbling along…LOL
    You octopus is great.

    Latin, what an endeavor that must be. Bravo for all you take on in life. Sounds well rounded and full.

  2. I would love to be able to go to artfest! (someday I will:) I don’t know if I already told you I have a new blog? Come by and visit when you get the chance!!
    take care

  3. You are more than ready my friend! This is a wonderful drawing !


  4. I am missin’ your posts~came by because you are on my mind in the middle of all of my chaos! LOL! Thoughts of YOU made me smile…. (((((HUGS)))))) sandi

  5. I’m enjoying your blog as you can see by the numerous comments… I think this octopus is a great sketch. As a matter of fact it reminds me of a fab octopus painting that I saw somewhere in the last few days on the web and was very drawn to. Here I’ve been thinking about drawing an octopus and then I stumble upon yours!

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