The Big Draw Finale

Day 27: my Daisy ring. My daughter soldered this ring for me with my favorite dog’s name.

Day 28: small level. This is one of my husband’s essentials for his video business.

Day 29: buttons…that I really need to sew back on my husband’s pants. I’d rather draw them.

Day 30: vintage needle assortment pack…that I need to use to sew those buttons with…but I’d rather draw this too.

Day 31: clothes pin, first try on the bottom, redo on the top. This clothes pin is adorned with burns as I use it when I solder jewelry.

I really enjoyed The Big Draw 2008. The most difficult part for me was posting my drawings. I also have come away feeling more confident in my drawing ability, not that I can draw superbly, but that I am learning and growing and can see and feel progress.

Tomorrow begins Art Every Day Month. I look forward to being flexible with my creativity each day since I only seem to have time for a snippet each day.

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. Love those clothes pins. Boy does that smack of my childhood, and the sewing kit is grandma’s for sure.
    Happy arting!

  2. you know i really like your style of drawing…. these are all so good!

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