the big draw day 4

I’m slowly but surely working through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. This is a drawing of my left hand. I had to keep one eye closed to do this and found that very difficult. My vision is quite poor, and I had a hard time focusing with just one eye. Even so, I am pleased with the results. My drawing is improving!

On another artsy note, I am experimenting with a new blog, an art blog, Creative Wellspring. I’ve always been curious how Blogger compared with WordPress. I’ve heard pros and cons from both sides, but I’ve been noticing some fun perks over at Blogger and decided to give it a try. For the time being, I will be posting on both blogs if it pertains to art, but only on this blog for all my other content. Eventually I may have two autonomous blogs. We’ll see how this experiment goes.

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. What a wonderful drawing! It looks so real. Very very nice.

  2. i wish i could draw hands! it is wonderful!
    xoxo nita

    If I can, you can. I thought I could not draw at all. The book has helped my thinking and seeing so much.
    BTW, I love your etsy shop. 🙂

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