the big draw day 3

Well it just so happens to be one of those rare gem of an evenings, quiet, peaceful. This was fun to draw, but I was so excited to get the detail work done that I hurried my letters. The owl is from my cigar box full of art supplies that I drag around everywhere.

The cigar box was originally my grandfather’s. His signature is written all over the box. I think he was trying to get a pen to work. My dad gave the box a nice protective coat of shellac, then added metal corner pieces, a latch, and felt on the inside. I treasure this gift.

amanda ∞


3 Responses

  1. What a sweet thing for your father to have done.
    And a lovely owl it is too.
    I also like what looks to be a journal page face peeking in.

    I realized after posting this that I forgot to draw his tail! oops

  2. yes the owl is super. it’s these sentimental things that one can’t ever put a price on.

    Sometimes I am too nostalgic. I just love the stories found behind the objects.

  3. It’s a beautiful owl. And what a wonderful keepsake for keeping your art stuff in!

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