The Big 2 oh

Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary.

Besides eating at one of the best restaurants in town for lunch, and eating the most delicious cake made by my daughter,

we spent the day rearranging furniture. We have a sleeping porch which we have always used for a dressing room/sewing room. My husband had the brilliant idea that we use the sleeping porch for sleeping since we don’t plan on turning on our air conditioner ’til we melt. He also likes his room very cold in the winter, so it would work as the bedroom then as well. During the one extremely hot month here in Missouri, we will have to use fans to blow cool air to the porch since it has no vents, but I can deal with that BECAUSE now I have an art studio! It just happened. We moved the clothes, sewing machine and work desk that were crammed on the sleeping porch to the old bedroom area. The rest of my art supplies fit easily. And I even can fit a custom soldering table to boot.

The new bedroom with 8 windows:

The door between the sleeping porch and ART STUDIO:

My work space:

Shelves we drug up from the basement:

My sewing table:

My soldering table, an old high school shop class work bench, which my clever husband put on casters, can roll out of way if need be:

Essentials were added:

Treasures were displayed:

God really has a great sense of humor. In the morning, I had been journaling about my lack of personal space. I wasn’t complaining and really was content with how things were working, but had taken notice that all my creative spaces were always shared by others. And then this day just happened. I’m giddy.

amanda ∞



8 Responses

  1. So fun! And I love the photo collage of you. Did you make it, or was it a gift of love?

    That restaurant does look inviting!

    Happy Anniversary (late)!

    The restaurant is extremely inviting and the food is amazing, and I made the collage as a gift for my darlin’.

  2. Congratulations on both your anniversary and on gaining a studio!

  3. oh amanda i’m so so so so happy for you! what a huge blessing! enjoy it!

  4. oh and happy happy happy anniversary!

  5. congratulations on your first 20 years! God’s continued blessings for the next 20! It looks marvelous in your sleeping porch. Oh, to be able to wake up to all that natural light. So many windows! …and a space for you to create. Everyone wins!

    Thanks. It is all good! 🙂

  6. Amanda,

    Happy anniversary!

    I always love seeing photos of your home with the beautiful woodwork and your sense of style. And your own art space!!!

  7. 20 years and an art studio! congratulations on both…

  8. Happy Anniversary friend. Sorry this is a bit late, but I’ve been anniversarying myself:-) OH and I am jealous you saw sugar ros. I am figuring out how I can get my hands on it. ideas?

    You can start with their new album, just released. It’s incredible: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. I think you’ll have to go to Europe to see them live though.
    Hope your anniversary celebration was splendid!

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