Son of a gun

My dad’s birthday is next week. I’m hoping he doesn’t read my blog before then because this is his gift. The photo is him as a boy. I collaged a 1940 Hunting and Fishing magazine ad page onto an old dictionary cover, 6.25″ X 8.75″. The silver strips are soldered. I was a little nervous that I would burn up the paper with the solder iron, but it worked great. The finishing touch will be adding wire on the back to hang it.

This piece also fits into the Mixed Media Monday theme of Paint, since I painted the paper and around the photo using acrylics.

amanda ∞


11 Responses

  1. He is really going to like it.

  2. Wow this is absolutely stunning. So gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful gift for your father! You’ve done an outstanding job, really superb!

  4. Awesome! Great idea! I bet your Dad will love it!

  5. Wonderful!

  6. What a lovely piece, and a lovely way to honour your father! Thanks for participating on Mixed Media Monday! Diane

  7. lovely piece and great colour scheme

  8. what a lovely tribute to your dad, this is such a fab piece.

  9. is gorgeous.

  10. Wonderful piece!

  11. beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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