Someone’s life is in a box

My neighbor had purchased a scrapbook at an estate sale. It has now found a home in our dining room. The dates of the contents stretch from the 1940s to 1960s. The scrapbook has fallen to pieces and now fills a large box with mementos from someone else’s life, her children, her relatives, scrapes & bruises, awards, letters from teachers, get-well cards. As we piece through this woman’s life, we find joy and peace. I like this scrapbook. Since I don’t recognize the faces and have only clues to the stories, I get to make up my own, to dream of the stories each picture or card holds. Can’t wait to use them in my art!

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. Oh my… a whole family’s history sold in an estate sale. I don’t know how much your neighbor paid for the book, but she didn’t pay enough. This is priceless ~

    My neighbor paid $40. I in turn paid $10. And you are right, it is priceless. Makes me sad to look through. I keep thinking surely there is someone wondering what happened to the scrapbook, someone who would remember and smile.

  2. WOw! what an amazing find, a great treasure to have, but what a visual reminder or how life can be put in a shoe box. That life is so futile without Christ, that we can store up for ourselves treasure in heaven, where moth and rust will not go!

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