I’m still not reading and still not enjoying not reading. I’m curious when I get done with this assignment if I will appreciate something about it. I have been busy though. Today I soldered a bit more. Here’s the result:

I painted the trees on Scripture and then gave them a blue glaze to tone down the printing. The back of the charm is painted with an ochre glaze with a small green border. I thought the word Grow was a perfect complement as trees are such a beautiful picture of man in the Bible. And I personally desire to Grow spiritually.

And exciting news for my daughter. She sold her first item in her Etsy Shop today. It was her favorite charm she has made.

amanda ∞


4 Responses

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I have a question to you, but don’t have a clue how I can contact you privately ?

    I would be enormously thankful if you can contact me through my email.


  2. I love the trees. Maybe there will be one left next week when I have some jingle in my pocket!

  3. Beautiful forest you have growing there. And, as nice as your photos are, the trees are so lovely up close and in person : )

    How cool about the charm sale! The other ones she has for sale are awesome.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Oooh, love your charms!!
    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, enjoying your blog 🙂

    They were fun to make too. Thanks.

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