All Was (NOT) Lost (After All)

Well I had a wonderful extended weekend with my brother and his wife. They are so absolutely fun to be with. My goal to accomplish before we meet again: memorize the Scrabble dictionary. Needless to say, I was exhausted from fun when they had to head home. Boy did I sleep well last night.

Before my family arrived, I had started a couple posts so I wouldn’t forget my thoughts. I planned on finishing them this week, but what a shocker to see what wordpress had been up to while I was away. I’m sure I’ll get used to their update, but my partially completed posts are lost forever. 😦

One of the posts was in response to Amber, the Homeschool Diva, tagging me with a Six Word Memoir. I had thought of a few phrases which are now lost, so I guess this will have to do:

“I have misplaced my noggin again.”

Jump in and play along. Link back here or let me know so I can see what you came up with.


Okay, I just found those lost drafts. Here’s a couple other six word memoirs from last week:

“The word of God is sweet.”

“The needle flies across the cloth.”


4 Responses

  1. Hi friend!

    Would love to get you in touch with a friend of mine that is working downtown at Swope. She has patients that could benefit from Veronica’s Voice.

    As for my six words…

    “In the quiet, she’s continually amazed.”

  2. I love Scrabble! Thinking of you today. xoxo Nita

  3. Amanda, I have not forgot the plates I want to send you, I just have been trying to get some stuff done. I will try to get those in the mail this week.
    I am glad the e-mail came when it did. I get lonley too… I wish we could have tea. xoxo Nita

  4. Oh, I was writing an entry and the page changed before my very eyes. I couldn’t figure out what was going on…

    How can you misplace your noggin’ it’s attached. When my roommates daughter was about three, she lost her marbles literally, boy did we get a lot of laughs at her expense talking about lost marbles. She didn’t understand what we were talking about and looked at us as if we had lost ours too ~

    Glad you had fun with your brother and his wife.

    Have you ever lost something and then found it was in your hand? In much the same way, I tend to loose my noggin. I just forget it is there. 🙂

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