More soldering

After our soldering class, we purchased a soldering iron and began having fun at home.

Check out my daughter’s creations at her blog.

My son even got in on the act.

Here’s my creation for the evening. I found the adorable little squirrels in an old children’s tale of Snow White. We tried our hand at soldering marbles and found it to be quite easy. The most difficult step for me is adding the jump rings. Practice.

Each day, we look forward to working on another project. Guess what my family is getting this year for gifts!

amanda ∞


5 Responses

  1. ooooo…. awsome! i want to learn how to do that! but alas i have no idea where to go to classes out here….

  2. I’ll have to post a photo of the jewelry my MIL made me for Christmas. There is no soldering involved, just strings and stands of jump rings.

    Please do. Would love to see it.

  3. Amanda,
    oooooh, so much fun I love it!
    Have a blessed day my friend. Love, Tami

  4. I think I am going out to buy me a soldering iron. and some books on how to do this. love nita

    It is so fun. You’ll enjoy it. Wish I could recommend a how-to book for you, but I haven’t seen any yet.

  5. Soldering looks like a good skill to have. I can see my kids enjoying it when they get older. Where did you take your class?

    Urban Arts and Crafts. Great store. It used to be in the River Market, but moved north of the river in that new hoity-toity shopping plaza.

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