Hal & Marge

Marge feels a little smothered in the relationship.

amanda ∞


5 Responses

  1. Too funny… for the birds. But, you know sometimes I think I am like Marge in my relationship to God ~ that is not so funny.

    Amanda, what do you do with your grains when you are not making kefir? After throwing away three batches, the last two batches worked. In fact, I drank this batch straight up. Not the same as store bought ~ but very good. But, now I have a half gallon of kefir and I am the only one drinking it. Anyway I put them in a cup of milk in the fridge.

  2. Amanda,
    Love the birds.
    I have been feeling a tug to work on my art journal. I have taken quite a break from it and am ready and getting insprired.
    Have a blessed weekend my friend, Tami

  3. i love this!! it is awesome. xoxo nita

  4. hey amanda! i love this piece! very nice! thanx for commenting on my art … my computer is finally up and running again so i’ll be posting a little more often! how have you been?

  5. I really like this Amanda.
    Very nice piece.

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