My husband has just stepped off a 3 week whirlwind of work. With extremely long work days, and only one day each week to recover, he was exhausted when he reached the end. And so was I. Although I have only 2 children, and they are old enough to take care of themselves, 3 weeks without the support of my husband on a full time homeschooling schedule can wear me out both physically and emotionally.

We had already planned to take this week off of school, and it just so happens that my husband has most of the week off too! I look forward to much creativity, house cleaning, laundry, blogging, and spending time with my family (not necessarily in that order). The only event planned for the week is a Valentine Party at our home this Thursday. Our homeschool group is invited to come and make Valentines which we will take to a nursing home that afternoon. And my son has planned a Heroscape challenge with a couple friends this Saturday. I’m looking forward to this as well since the mothers of his friends are dear friends of mine.

This week I’m hoping to share with you some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head, and some new art. If you find nothing new here this week, that means I’ve been carried away by gypsies.

amanda ∞


4 Responses

  1. Amanda,
    There is *nothing* more exhausting for everyone than honey working long hours! I am so excited that you are able to spend some quality time with one another though. Have a wonderful, blessed time with your family, Amanda.


  2. Amanda, So happy to hear you all had a week off. Can’t wait to see some new art. You are always so inspiring. Have a blessed week. Love, Tami

  3. It wouldn’t matter if you had just 1 child, doing it all is hard work so I do hope that you all enjoy your family time and look forward to your lovely art. Blessings!!

  4. I have been needing a lot of rest too… but I just figured it is because it has been below (way below) zero for weeks and I am hibernating.

    Enjoy this season of rest!

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