I’ve had fun today trying different ideas to teach the kids next week. This is a collage on 9×12 watercolor paper. I used oil pastels, acrylic paint and glaze, plus the glitter bursting from the fairy’s hand and on her wings.

amanda ∞


7 Responses

  1. Amanda, This is beautiful ~

    Thanks, Julie. I’m still having the urge to mess with it, so it may transform. Or maybe I’ll listen to my husband and just leave it alone. We’ll see.

  2. oh my amanda! this is my new favorite work of yours! gorgeous!

  3. Simply beautiful, Amanda!

    I’d say listen to the man:)

  4. Btw, thanks! I have a new desktop background for the week! Really cool.

  5. so beautiful! i’d love one just like that one!

    do you sell your work?


  6. Your art is always so beautiful. I forgot how beautiful a simple medium like watercolors could be, thanks for the reminder.

  7. I lost track of you! I am so glad you have been visiting me again. Thank you for your encouragement for my artistic pursuits. This piece is beautiful and absolutely generates joy and celebration in my heart.

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