Sunday bliss

Heroscape wars,


art projects,

and friends,

the perfect Sunday afternoon. Bonus, the weather is sunny and warm.

amanda ∞


7 Responses

  1. Hello there!!!

    My boys love heroscape!! It is a big hit at my house. We have the wars all the time. Sorry to see you move from homeschoolblogger. I am back blogging over at homeschoolblogger if you ever want to come and visit.



  2. I love warm Sunday afternoons. And Art projects. I wish we lived closer to one another we could do an Art project together. Have a great week. xoxo Nita

  3. i hope you are doing well my friend. you are being thought of… xoxo Nita

  4. Creating art on the couch! Now that’s fun!

  5. i dont know what it is about pics of kids getting messy with art that just makes me so happy! i love it! sorry its been awhile since i said hi…. hi!

  6. Thinking of you today… xoxo Nita

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