Art from Worship

Yesterday I went to the International House of Prayer to soak in the excellent worship experience they have available. They have a prayer room in which worship takes place 24 hours a day and has been going nonstop since Sept. 19, 1999. The worship leader changes every 2 hours, and I just happened to go when one of my favorite artists, Julie Meyer, was worship leader. I think God had this special treat planned for me.

I took my art journal, oil pastels, and markers along and made this page. It is layered with many words and Scripture. This is the first page I’ve done since my bout of depression. It felt very good.

Today, we have a beautiful view of layers of ice on the trees and homes. It is still raining and the water is still freezing. We’ll be staying at home today.

amanda ∞


8 Responses

  1. What is amazing, Amanda, is how much blogging has been so uplifting to me. I love going to others “front porches” and picking up encouragement, and learning for others to find celebration in the simple things in life. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful..Thank You.

  2. Amanda,
    Art that is worship to our Creator, the very first artist. Just beautiful. Love, Tami

  3. I love art… and you are a good one.. IHOP is definitely a place to get inspiritations from the Holy Spirit for Prophtetic Art…

  4. “International House of Prayer”

    I have never heard of that place. Did they intentionally go for the initials IHOP? HA!

  5. that is lovely amanda. Often we need those experiences to full us up so that we can go back out into the world.

    Yes, indeed.

  6. 24 hours, how awesome is that!!! You can just go when the Spirit leads you and sounds amazing. As always your art is beautiful and I love the new blog look as well. Blessings!!

    It is amazing. I should take advantage of it more often. It truly is a place to worship freely. I love that.

  7. Amanda, I like the colors you chose and I am thrilled that you are creating again. I have a CD with the words you printed set to a Calypso beat that I really enjoy ~

  8. I like your new look.
    I learn something new about you every time I read your blog. Judging from your art and your favorite artist, I think we may of been separated at birth:-) I will miss your blog presence. Peace to you this season.

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