Letter to Grandma

My dearest Grandma,

I wrote a letter to a friend today. Writing letters always makes me think of you. I loved getting letters from you, and writing them as well. I loved your handwriting and your poetry. I wish I could write you a letter and send it by mail. I wish I could see your face light up with recognition of my voice. I miss your phone calls on my birthday and anniversary. I wish I could hear you call me your Sunshine. I miss you. I loved the shape of your crooked hand and your thinning skin. You are so beautiful to me. Your love was often my salvation when I was growing up. I just want one more hug, just one more please.

Your Sunshine


5 Responses

  1. Oh ((Amanda))
    I have an amazing relationship with my Grandma. She is my dad’s mom. She is 86 years old and sill lives on her own and with a spring in her step. I cherish every single moment with her, knowing that the Lord may take her home to be with Him.
    I’ve gotta go now, I want to call my Grandma.
    Lots of Love, Tami

  2. Amanda, my Grandma and Grandpa Barrow were my salvation. I loved them so much. When they were gone I was so lost. I pray God comforts you today like your Grandma would. xoxo Nita

  3. My Grandma was so very special. She was like a mother to me because my own mom was very sick when I was little. I spent a lot of time with her. I know what it is like to miss her. May God, and the memories of Grandma comfort you.


  4. [I loved the shape of your crooked hand and your thinning skin] Whenever I saw my Grandma, I would always hold her hand and play with her thinning skin. For some reason, it fascinated me. Her hands are probably my clearest memory of her.

  5. oh this is beautiful…. thank you for writing it…

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