Calling All Girls

My husband’s grandma had this magazine in a chest full of many treasures, September 1948 issue. I’m not sure which is more entertaining, the articles or the ads.

And just in case you were curious, boys generally don’t like to go dutch.

amanda ∞


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  1. The advertisements! Can you imagine wearing matching sweaters??? I love it.

  2. Again, I love old stuff like this!

    That ad… oh my, hilarious!


    I really love Back to Eden. Some of the remedies are sooo simple. I don’t pull it out as often as I should though, ‘cuz then some of the remedies require a good herb stash.

    Wait… That didn’t come out right…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. Oh… that advertisement is too funny. I think I would be testing my husband’s love if I asked him to wear that sweater though!

  5. I wish things were that pure again. My Mom grew up in the Depression and always tells such wonderful stories of family closeness and all the good things they did. xoxo Nita

  6. […] that Sept. 1948 issue of Calling All Girls magazine? My husband had the wonderful idea to make a charm from its cover. Here is is front and back. The […]

  7. Amanda,
    I Googled this issue and found your blog. I believe an article that I am looking for is in there. Can you respond to my email, please (I assume that you can see it)?

  8. That is, an article in the Sept 1948 issue of Calling All Girls…

  9. Hi!
    Believe it or not, that is my mother on the cover of the September 1948 cover of Calling All Girls. She was a top fashion model and her name was Lilly Fernandez. I would be very interested in this magazine and any others that you may have Calling All Girls. Please feel free to contact me. I am pretty interested in the charm you made as well…you can imagine why! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  10. […] live, the more I believe we are all connected in some cosmic way. Over a year ago I posted about a 1948 Calling All Girls magazine found in my grandmother-in-law’s attic. And last month I received an email from the daughter […]

  11. Amanda,
    What a lovely tribute to share my Mom’s story with your readers!
    Thank you! The charm necklaces that you made for me and my sisters are just perfect! I plan to send them to my sisters for Mother’s Day along with your story! Thank you for touching our hearts with your gifts and talents! 🙂

  12. […] Comics No. 1″) instead of introducing him in earlier comics to test the character. 1941: “Calling All Girls” is the first comic released and aimed directly at young […]

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