My Man

So I ask my man, after applying make up, “How do I look?”

He says, “Hot, like a booster rocket, with fire coming out of your tail, making a lot of noise, hot.”

Somehow I’m just not confident in that reply. Maybe I need lipstick.

amanda ∞


6 Responses

  1. Haha. Too funny! And I can relate!

    Sometimes, I wish I would just take my man’s word for what it is!

  2. Wow, your man has a ‘way’ with words…lol!

  3. LOL!!! It seems your husband is off center too ~ creative, good with words… sounds absolutely perfect for you ~

  4. Amanda, he sounds like a character. Those are the fun kind that keep life interesting! Blessings, Love Tami

  5. The fire, tail, hot, and nois ehave me cracking up. 🙂

  6. believe him…you are beautiful. xoxo nita

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