Hidden Art Every Day

I thought since I was on the topic of art every day this month that I would make an effort to also share the hidden art each day.

Today I worshiped through the hidden art of service. Each Friday, my family serves a delicious meal at VERONICA’s Voice. We serve intentionally. The food is homeade and as organic as we can afford. The dishes are not disposable. The napkins are cloth. We go through the extra effort and time rather than quickly cranking out and distributing a meal because we want to surround these women with God’s amazing, sacrificial love. We are not there to do our duty in service to our community. We are serving because God led us there through specific events. By giving of our time to show God’s value of these women through our hands, our whole family is being doubly blessed. He is filling our cup to overflowing. This is truly art.

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for giving me a peek into your life of service. My family serves at our local Christian Life Centre. A small group of us, including our families prepare a meal for 200 of organic pasta (from costco), and homemade meatsauce with cookies for dessert on the 5th Saturday for every month that has 5 Saturdays in it. Each of the other Saturdays are handled by a different church group. It is a real blessing for us too.

  2. oh thats awsome…. so cool you have somwhere to do that where you are… i wish there was somthing more we could do here…

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