Learning from purging

What am I learning from purging my home of too much stuff?

  • I like space and organization.
  • Maintenance is easier with fewer things to maintain.
  • Preventing too much from coming in allows for less time spent managing the new stuff.
  • The less stuff I have, the more focus I have.
  • The less stuff I have, the more creative I am.
  • I am emotionally attached to some very silly things.
  • Both of my kids prefer having fewer things.

What spiritual lessons am I learning from purging?

  • I am a creature of bad habits.
  • Changing habits is difficult.
  • Purging my words and tone of voice is more difficult than getting rid of stuff.
  • I can’t change until I let go.

amanda ∞


5 Responses

  1. You sound just like me. I am in the process right now too. We’ve been in process for what feels like a year. It’s such a journey isn’t it? Thank you for mentioning the purging of tone of voice and words. Powerful. Blessings, Tami

    It is a slow journey, but oh-so-good.

  2. Amanda,

    This is an awesome post. I have found that purging words and tone of voice have been difficult lately too. I am having trouble being patient and I wonder why? I mean should we really have to work at a Fruit of the Spirit? If the physical picture is to teach a spiritual fruit, a fruit tree that is healthy doesn’t have to work at producing. I have been praying about what is in my life ~ room dander (my husband’s pet word for junk) definitely is a problem!

    Room dander! I love it.
    With the fruit, I think sometimes I’m still trying to produce fruit from the dead tree, my flesh, instead of the Living Tree. The fruit from the Living Tree takes no work at all. It just happens. But I’m still chopping away all these dead branches so the Living ones can get to the outside.

  3. Great list to think on!!!

  4. I am going through all of my stuff right now, and I realize I want less stuff in my home. The clutter weighs me down so very much. xoxo Nita

    Me too. More than I realized.

  5. Great post. I have the same problem with holding on to things. Usually if I get rid of it, I find a perfect use for it after the fact. I am getting better, I think.

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