self portrait


We are on the road right now. I’ve been able to have fun in my art journal while my husband drives.

This is my self portrait. The words read:
I’ll grow into it. Just when I think it fits, I change. I’ve never stopped growing. Guess I never will.

The dress represents art. I’m just trying it on, but it’s much too big. That’s where the first statement came from. “I’ll grow into it.”

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. That is pretty cool and neat you can do it on the road. I guess that is also why I called my blog colours of dawn, because there is nothing that really defines me, but so many things that people identify with me. I am always changing and doing new things too. Right now, it is a lot of home school activities, yard work, and my new thing blogging.

  2. […] that I can play in my art journal while driving (my husband driving that is)! You may have seen a portion of this. The rest I finished yesterday. The text by the tree reads, “How many rings will I have when […]

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