New school cabinet

We have just begun week 2 of school and our school room cabinet has already changed. My husband just brought this hoosier cabinet back from his parents’ home. Isn’t it beautiful?

His parents have so generously given us piece after piece of heirloom furniture. They are all so beautiful and I love to hear the stories that go with each piece. As we pass them on to our children and grandchildren, I want them to know the history, to know the names and faces of their family.

We do have a rule in our home. If something new comes into our home, there must be a place for it. If it has no place, something else must go out for it to fit. Since helping to clean the cabin and celebrating my son’s birthday, we have been negligent to follow our own rule. It is time to purge. We had no choice but to rearrange to get the hoosier cabinet to fit.

The other school cabinet is now in my sewing room. The shelving unit that was in the sewing room is going to a dear friends’ home. She mentioned that she would like to move her husband’s treasured books out of boxes and onto shelves. All she was lacking were the shelves. She had no idea we had just moved shelves to our front porch the evening before. God has perfect timing.

amanda ∞


4 Responses

  1. Love the cabinet…looks weathered and beautiful and made for homeschool.

    And it is so roomy! I love it too.

  2. Amanda,

    This is gorgeous! What a treasure ~

    And it’s sooo roomy. Beauty and function. The perfect marriage.


    Me too.

  4. Wow. That is an awesome cabinet!

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