Until then…

I’m checking out for a few days. I’ll be blogging again next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. I just got my Redesigned TOG today, so I also have work to do. Have a great weekend to you too, Amanda!

    Have fun planning! We are actually using the Classic version of TOG. A good friend of mine and I are sharing curriculum. She bought 2 years, and I bought 2 years.
    The redesigned version is so user-friendly. I was tempted to purchase it simply because of its beauty. Enjoy!

  2. Hey,
    How did you plan out your TOG for the year? Did you plan the assignments for the entire year, or are you just going to follow their weekly schedules?

    I’m hoping to make some sort of plan for the year so we can get started soon, but unfortunately, I haven’t had any undistracted time lately, so it’s going rather slowly.

    We’re going to push ahead and do Y1 of TOG and try to actually complete it this year. High School planning is making me see the need for much more accountability!

    Hey there, girlfriend,
    I am so excited to be doing the same TOG year as you! I actually did plan out the assignments for the entire year, but am using their schedules as my guide.
    I think we’ll have to get together and chat about it!

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