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This past year was our first to try a software that facilitated planning and record keeping. Two reasons prompted me try it. One, we live in the state of Missouri which requires that we keep a log of hours. And two, my daughter was entering those “Jr. High” years and I wanted to practice actually keeping track of her grades and progress in hopes to one day put together a proper transcript. Before using any planning software, I had kept track of hours and scheduling on my homeade excel spreadsheets. While useful, these spreadsheets were limited.

The two options for planning software that I studied were Homeschool Tracker and Edu-Track. After trying each, I found them to be quite similar. Homeschool Tracker has a basic FREE option which does not track grades, but does a great job scheduling the year. The Homeschool Tracker website is much easier on the eyes, as well. But Edu-Track had a handheld option which sold me. The thought of not having to lug a planner while out and about, but rather always having the assignments available on my PDA phone was rather freeing to me.

Scheduling the daily assignments this past year is what was truly freeing. The software allowed me to plan much farther ahead than I have had the time or patience to do with my excel spreadsheet. This planning also enabled me to set and complete goals with our schooling. In the past these goals just sort of drifted away as we got distracted with life.

The scheduling also allowed me to be more flexible with our schooling. I could easily see what needed done, what could be done, what needed adjusted or moved to a different date, and what should just be deleted. By recording the completed assignments as they happened, I could also keep the kids more accountable with what they had left to accomplish. My train of thought is always derailing. I get off on a tangent and completely forget what we were working on that day or week, so this was an extremely precious gift to our schooling this year. It kept me in line.

My daughter desires more freedom with planning at her age of thirteen. This past year has been a great learning experience for her in this area. I would give her a list of assignments for the week and she would plan when to do them. She did great the first few weeks, but then began to struggle with getting behind. She would then become overwhelmed with all she had to do, procrastinate, and get even more behind. This year, she learned diligence.

Having a year of extreme scheduling under my belt, I truly believe that with this software and flexibility at hand we will have our most adventurous homeschool year ever. I have now been armed with the knowledge of how to manipulate and adjust our schedule, how to take regular breaks without getting behind, how to add change, variety and excitement to our learning.

This next year, we will complete 36 weeks of “school” beginning mid-July and ending in June. We will take many breaks and adventures in between our “official” weeks of school. We will stay refreshed and relaxed about “getting it done.” All of this is made possible by the software which I have deemed indispensable to our homeschool function.

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  1. I just started using the Homeschool Tracker software and for right now it fits my needs quite well. Of course, I am just starting K and Pre-K. 😀

    That software would have helped me so much when we first started homeschooling. I had a hard time not getting lost in the topic we were learning. A week long study on the ear would drag out for 3 weeks! I needed the help the software would have offered.
    We did have fun though, and learned so much.


  2. Hi mom!

  3. Hello, dear friend. Just stopping by to catch up. It is so nice to visit with you, even though we are not face to face. I enjoyed the “Constellation” link, I’ve not seen that, yet (need to get by soon).

    Thanks for the look into what’s going on in your world.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! We’re just starting out with home school and this is exactly what I needed! Thanks for letting us know about it!! Take Care!

  5. Peace to you! Thanks for the review. I was just reviewing Edu-Tracker. The one question I have is do you have to use the “purchased” lesson plans in order to use the software? Right now, we are a part of a virtual school but looking into going back to homeschooling. I love the organization and just got prompted to look into ways to “electronically organize” myself.

    • When I began using Edutrack, they did not have purchased lessons available yet. I would assume you can purchase the software without the lessons. Might be a good idea to contact the company directly for this question. Edutrack has been so beneficial to keeping our school organized. Enjoy!


  6. We used one of the above (I won’t mention names) systems and found it difficult to plan our whole year – maintaining the lessons was quite a burden.

    As a result, I wrote my own program, Cognitius to do just that – allow you to enter your whole year, then easily adjust your schedule as you go.

    Hope this helps somebody.


  7. […] our oldest son, I tried using planning software, such as Edu-Track and Homeschool Tracker. For some moms, these work great. Neither one quite fit my personality, which is to customize and customize. […]

  8. […] our oldest son, I tried using planning software, such as Edu-Track and Homeschool Tracker. For some moms, these work great. Neither one quite fit my personality, which is to customize and customize. […]

  9. […] our oldest son, I tried using planning software, such as Edu-Track and Homeschool Tracker. For some moms, these work great. Neither one quite fit my personality, which is to customize and customize. […]

  10. I was looking for homeschool software as I am preparing to begin homeschooling next year and wanted to look through as many options as possible before deciding upon things. We are also setting up a classroom at this time in our garage (which we are remodeling and making into a non-garage!). I am very excited yet very overwhelmed at the same time. Thank you so much for your review I really appreciate it! We are also from Missouri!

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