new Lampstand Press blog

For those of you Tapestry of Grace users, Lampstand Press has a new blog to keep us informed of changes to the Tapestry of Grace, Lampstand Press, and Bookshelf websites. I for one am pleased! This makes me all the more ready to start laying out the schedule for this next school year.

amanda ∞


2 Responses

  1. I have really, really enjoyed catching up with your blog today! Great pics and plans~OH just GOOD STUFF to finish out my night with! Nighty-night~with a smile! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on a lady’s education! I was a theater gal and LOVE performing still~though I don’t do it anymore. Big Mama cannot easily execute the dance moves anymore, either! LOL! I think I shared that I would like to become a doula when there are no more wee ones around… I’m sure I could really delve in there as a starting place!

    I also love languages. I’d love to brush up on my Spanish again! I don’t have resources yet to learn Latin, but it’s very strongly on my heart to do so. I wanna become a master at playing my dulcimer some day, but I do find that it takes more time than I have~so I am content to play my hillbilly hymns. ~smile~

    Like you, I’ve learned more from homeschooling than anything else! I don’t remember what I memorized for tests, even though I was an A and B student. I especially love nature studies and have also found that I’m not that terrible at drawing and other crafts.

    HEY! I’d love your address~I’ll make ya one of my cards! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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