The Night Sky

I forget. Each time it is brought to my remembrance, I am in awe.

Last night I walked outside in the dark. I’m in the country in western Kansas now, so no city lights, no trees obstructing my view. The moon was brilliant. The stars dazzling. The sky was huge and dark, yet full of color and life. One planet blazed with brightness.

I’m sure it was much easier for the ancients to look to the skies for knowledge. They were not hindered by electric lights. What secrets of the sky have we forgotten, or never learned, that was common knowledge then? Astronomy has become sideline, a bit eccentric, when it was once necessary. We discard the beauty of Creation so easily when its hidden secrets are replaced by technology, modern medicine, etc.

Did I mention how beautiful the sky was last night?

amanda ∞


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  1. Beautiful post. Thank you:)

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