Whey…t a minute

I am nearing 40 and can already feel arthritis stiffening my hands with slight pain. The arthritis is really quite tolerable now, but I am SO young. My hair is still mostly not grey.

I remember my grandma’s hands. As she aged, the knuckles grew while the rest of her hand seemed to shrink. My grandma loved to sew. She also loved to give gifts. As I was growing up, she made me so many outfits, vests, hats, and purses. She also created treasure boxes for me from matchboxes, or shoeboxes, decorated with macaroni and sprayed gold, or covered in shelf paper. She also wrote poetry for me, and made all my birthday cakes with a doll in the middle and the cake as the skirt. Now I am sure she did this for all her other grandchildren, but she always made me feel so unbelievably loved and uniquely special. I am sure this was a hidden gift of hers.

As each of her great-grandchildren were born from her 13 grandchildren, she made a lovely crosstitch noting all the info of the new baby’s arrival, but towards her later years, I am sure her daughters helped her finish the stitching.

I never heard my grandma complain about her arthritis. In my mind arthritis really couldn’t be that bad because it didn’t seem to bother her or stop her from creating. But now my dad has arthritis as well. 

Dad is also a very creative guy. I didn’t realize this growing up because he worked so hard supporting his family. Farming really doesn’t have work hours. But now that he is “retired” (he still helps my brother with his farming), he has been creating amazing works of art with gourds. He grew them himself, let them cure, and then woodburned or chipped them with some amazing designs. I’ll be heading back to visit this month, so I’ll take lots of pictures and feature his art towards the end of the month.

Now my dad does not complain about his arthritis either, but I see his face when he hits his finger. I notice that he really doesn’t use that pointer finger much at all anymore.

Then there’s me. It doesn’t hurt enough to complain, but now I am aware of the direction this arthritis in going.

About one year ago, I was introduced the the book, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon. After repeatedly checking it out from the library, I knew it was worth the investment to purchase it. The book has excellent recipes, but beyond that, it talks about the why behind recipe. Why are these particular ingredients better than store-bought? How does this ingredient benefit my body nutritionally? Needless to say, I looked up the topic of arthritis and began injesting some very odd things.

The Whey Drink is made of 1/2 cup whey, 1/2 cup filtered water, and the juice of 1 lemon. Yes, it is extremely tart. The whey I use comes from raw goat or cow’s milk that I have allowed to sit out on the counter for a few days. The curds and whey naturally separate. I drain the whey through a cheesecloth and use the curds in place of cream cheese.

Anyway, when my mom and niece came to visit a couple weeks ago, I ran out of lemons. Then the next week I was busy preparing for Elementary Camp, so I failed to pick some up at the grocery store. I’ve gone probably two full weeks without drinking my tart Whey Drink and my hands are aching and sore. This is not mere coincidence. I have experienced this before when I got lazy and quit making this funky drink for a bit. Today I am going to buy lemons! By tomorrow, my hands will begin to feel better. By Monday I will forget I have arthritis.

 This is yet another confirmation that God truly did provide all that our bodies need in the simplest and most natural of forms. Today’s society has been raised on processed food, and our bodies are paying the price.

My next subject to learn is herbs and their benefits. A few months ago I purchased Practical Herbalism from the Bulk Herb Store. While God is having me rest this summer, I will have the opportunity to dig in and learn.

amanda ∞


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