Elementary Camp 2007

C.A.R.S (Christians Are Racing Superstars) is the theme for elementary church camp this year. Each cabin has a mascot from the movie CARS. Our cabin is Mater the tow truck.

Camp begins tomorrow night and ends Tuesday night. This time is always powerful. I love getting to know the girls in my cabin, caring for them, and nurturing them. The kids go through a time of detachment from the world into the realm of worship. It is a beautiful transformation to behold.

As you read this, please pray for the campers and counselors. Pray that there is no hindrance to God’s moving through the hearts of the children. Pray that the counselors are able to give up their own personal agendas and are able to focus solely on the children. Pray that God strengthens all of us to be a vessel for His glory through the sleep deprived nights.

Thank you.

amanda ∞


3 Responses

  1. Pray that the service team gets enough sleep too!!!
    Mad J
    Service Team member

    My dearest Mad J,
    You know I’ll pray!

  2. I hope you are having a wonderful time blessing the kids and reaching out to them with Christ’s love. I remember you did this last year too… Let’s see the theme was boats; I think.

  3. my boys love cars..and Mater the most! I will pray for you every time they mention it.

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