A Tribute

My mom and niece are visiting this week. It is fun to live like a tourist in your own city. That’s a picture of this week for the kids and I.

My mom always has a way of making every moment an adventure. Her desire is to bring joy into the lives of her family. She does a most excellent job of that.

My mom and I are very similar in many ways, polar opposites in others, but all my good character traits I learned from her. Some I am still learning. She is hard working, diligent, organized, able to plan anything and make it all happen. She understands duty and takes care of things she does not naturally love because she sees the end picture and the beauty in it. She is the servant of servants. The love of her life is her husband because she determined that to be early in her marriage. Her heart is for her family. Her most joyous times in life are with her family. She is also so much fun. She plans parties and hikes and treasure hunts and picnics, all for her grandchildren and children. Needless to mention, one of my kids favorite places to visit is the FARM (my parent’s home). Her house has always been a home.

Thanks, Mom! I love you.

Now I must wake her up so the fun can begin!

amanda ∞


One Response

  1. I had to flip back to my blog to look at one of your avatars to see if you and your mom looked alike. It is hard to tell because the avatar photo is small, but I don’t think she could disown you. I look like my Dad.

    Have fun touring ~ actually, the only time I get to do the tourist-y things is when I have company. Right down the road and I ignore them. Do you know I lived in Arizona for 2-years and 2-weeks before I moved, I made a mad run up to see the Grand Canyon?

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