Mrs. Bondy

There was a woman that I sat with in church every Sunday as a child. Her name was Mrs. Bondy. She taught me how to doodle and make paper boats from the bulletins. I knew she loved me.

She lived a couple blocks away, so I was able to walk to her house and visit from time to time. We would look out her window at the bird feeder and watch. The cardinal was the first bird name I learned. I love cardinals to this day.

This page is a tribute to her. The house is hers. The paper boat is from her funeral. The cat is in memory of Mr. Dudley, the neighborhood stray that she fed. The words written all over the page are lyrics from a Misty Edwards song, Only a Shadow, from her Eternity album.


amanda ∞


One Response

  1. Amanda ~

    This is a beautiful tribute. You know what I thought as I was reading this? Suffer the little children… what a wonderful heart she had. Teaching you to doodle encouraged you as an artist. Teaching you to make boats out of paper taught you to live simply. You know that you can entertain yourself (and others) by using what is available. And… she taught you to love God’s creation.

    What a wonderful imprint she left on your life!

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