Nearing Dormancy=Expensive Food

I sat the kids down today and explained to them how I’m feeling overwhelmed. I also broke the news to them that they would have to eat PROCESSED FOOD this week. The only meal I’m officially cooking is for my favorite ladies at VERONICA’s Voice. They handled the news quite well, but lovingly told me the food could never be as good as mine. Aaahh.

So I went shopping at Costco and loaded up on Meals Ready to Eat. Normally I purchase organic ingredients and very little processed food. I have just proven that organic homemade food is twice as cheap as MREs! I had always thought this would be true.

A dear friend of mine touched on this change going on in my life. She mentioned that as I enter this new season of life that “maybe it feels like dormancy but even that’s a necessary part of being fruitful.” So true. And then she sent me this:

Definition of dormancy: being in a state of rest or conservation of energy. 

Predictive dormancy occurs when an organism enters a dormant phase before the onset of adverse conditions.
Consequential dormancy occurs when organisms enter a dormant phase after adverse conditions have arisen.

Its use can be advantageous, as organisms remain active longer, and are therefore able to make greater use of available resources.

Going through an “eternal summer”…is stressful to the plant and usually fatal.

Thank you, my friend.

So as I approach my season of Predictive dormancy, I look forward to the peace and rest, and the cheap grocery bills.

And thanks for the prayers. I can feel them today.

amanda ∞


4 Responses

  1. Your post reminds me of my butterflies. Normally the adult butterfly would emerge 2 – 3 weeks, but mine didn’t even start until November. They overwintered in a dormant stage and emerged just this spring.

    You will grow strong in this season of life…

    BTW, my husband eats MRE’s (leftovers) for lunch everyday!

  2. Well, your thinking that I’m COOL just MADE MY DAY! LOL! I wish I could figure out how to eat organic cheaply~you’ll hafta post and teach us!

    Thanks for the prayers too! Hazel’s face rash looks better already. I don’t know what caused it, but I think I immediately freaked out. My poor 4yo Preston has LOTS of food allergies that cause his eczema. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. […] with me. My daughter wants to paint by my side. My husband desires my availability. I must be dormant so my family can […]

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