New Song

My son wrote a new song today. It sounds most excellent. He used chords from a song my dad recorded called “Teenagers Lament.”Chorus:

Oh, God, I want you,

Oh, God, I want you here,

Oh, God, I need you,

To make my vision clear.

Verse 1

You sent Your only Son,

To come and die for me.

Yet many people,

Never ever see,

So they waste it.

They don’t think it true,

And they just leave it,

They never follow you.


Verse 2

Sometimes I think,

About all the things,

That people think,

To them joy it would bring,

But when they get it

It’s not enough,

So they’re getting,

Lots of brand new stuff.


Verse 3

You always help me,

When I am down,

 So I will worship you,

Give you my unworthy crown,

And I’ll show the people

The path that you chose,

To save the people;

The ones that crucified you and all those.



Verse 1





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  1. […] ladies on Friday, my son serenaded them with a couple songs. One of them was written by him alone, Oh, God I Want You. Another was written by my dad and my son last weekend. It has a classic cowboy feel to it. The […]

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