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I live in the middle of a large city. We call it Midtown. The houses are old. Some are beautifully restored. Others are dilapidated. There is an eclectic mix of wealthy entrepreneurs, poor single parents, hippies, and homeless. All races are represented here. God gave my husband and me a desire for this place. We love the people, the sidewalks, the beauty, and the brokenness. Others look and see desolation and great need. I look and beauty; I see Jesus here. He is dwelling in the brokenness. 

We have a neighborhood prostitute. Her name is Yolanda. God has placed a burden on my heart for her. I’ve been watching for opportunities to connect with her. Last Thursday night I saw police cars pulled over with their lights on and just knew that they had Yolanda. Sure enough, she was cuffed and sitting on the curb. The police let me talk to her before they put her in the car. I gave her a big hug and told her I had been and would be praying for her. 

This Tuesday she came to my door. She wanted to let me know that she is going through detox (she’s a crack addict) and then to a place that helps prostituted women to learn to live life. My request is that if you read this you will lift Yolanda up in prayer as she goes through this volatile and pivotal point in her life. 

God always gives me a burden for someone with reason. He is now revealing to me how He has used Yolanda for a greater purpose in my life besides being an advocate for her on this earth. We have been praying not only for Yolanda, but also for a place that our family can serve in this community to help the fatherless, the widow.  

After seeing Yolanda Tuesday night, I looked at the website to find more info about this place that helps prostituted women in our city, and I read their list of needs. This place needs someone to provide a good nourishing lunch for a group of these women once a week. And surprise, surprise, God has been preparing me in the kitchen the past few years to be able to do this very thing. 

Today I met and talked with a person from this place. Their needs matched my gifts so perfectly that we were both amazed and I left with such a feeling of humility and awe of God’s providence. The kids and I will begin serving immediately.

On the wall of this place is a picture of a caterpillar and a butterfly. It speaks of death and life. It speaks of rebirth and beauty. That is their desire for these women. God is in this place. 

Thank you, God, for this perfect opportunity. I pray that you allow our family to perfectly love the women we serve. And I pray that You, God, bring Yolanda through and rebuild her life on Your Foundation.



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